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Introduction to Macros Tutorial, Italian Translation

Thank you to Gringoire, from the forum for translating the closed captioning!

Introduction to Macros Tutorial, Spanish Translation

Thank you to patoace, from the forum for translating the closed captioning!


The Introduction to Macros tutorial is introducing a new feature that will be included in all future tutorials. Closed Captioning. The point of this is to make it possible to translate the video tutorials into as many languages as possible. I have started contacting those I am hoping can help with this new aspect, but […]

Introduction to Macros Tutorial

This tutorial has been added to the Step by Step series. Combined with the Chat Window and Die Roller tutorial, it is designed to help get those of you with absolutely no coding experience started with MapTool macros. This means that for many of you it will be totally useless. But, for those of you […]