New Tutorial: Macros Part 1, Functions

This tutorial is the first in a Beyond the Basics short series on macros.  It introduces how functions are used and shows a few basic, but useful functions in action.  Functions are how you will get the most out of you macros, so if you want to create your own macros you need to get comfortable using functions.

For those of you who have been waiting for the 2nd part of Vision and Light, the UI is under going a change in the next build or two.  So, that one is on hold until the interface is concrete.

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  1. Curtis says:

    I am trying to find the documentation on how to do macros, but can not find it.

    • brad says:

      Click on “MapTool Documentation” on the left. There is an Introduction to Macros section as well as a wealth of technical information and examples.

    • brad says:

      Also, there are 3 tutorials that walk you through getting started on this site. Chat Window & Die Roller and Introduction to Macros in the Step by Step series. Macros part1: Functions in the Beyond the Basics series. There will be more coming.

  2. Esqo says:

    Great job with the maptool.

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