Remade tutorial: Starting MapTool

The content covered is basically the same. Here are the changes.

-Refined script. 2 minutes shorter.
-Larger screen size.
-Closed captioning.
-Match up newer version and website setup.
-Added a vision and framework demo in the background while talking about troubleshooting. Before there was just an unmoving screen while I droned on, at certain points.

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  1. Anon says:

    No video or link to video under either Firefox or Chrome.

  2. ok says:


    But where is the actual video?

  3. asdffsad (http://sadfsf) says:

    No link for any video is showing up bro

    • brad says:

      Again read the responses below. This is an announcement. Go to one of the two tutorial pages to view tutorials. Links are on your left under “Tutorials”.

  4. Ed says:

    Yah i don’t see it either… I don’t know whats wrong but, ah well…

  5. MIRAIs says:

    There is no video playing for me either. It just looks like another page. No videos.

    • brad says:

      Repeat my reply from below. Both for instructions and a need for more details.

      If you are attempting to find tutorials on this page, there are none. This is an announcement of a tutorial being remade. Read the post below for where tutorials are located. If you are on the Step by Step or Beyond the Basics pages and having troubles viewing videos, please post your problem with more details there.

  6. Arcannas says:

    Can’t see the videos

    • brad says:

      Can you be more specific. Do you mean you cannot find the videos on the website? In which case choose the links under the “Tutorials” category to the left. Or do you mean that they are not playing for you? In which case I don’t know what to say. They are rendered in Flash, so make sure that is updated I suppose. No one has ever had a problem viewing them.

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