Special Thanks

The screencast tutorials found on this website could not have happened without the all the help and encouragement from many people.  So, I thought I would say thanks to those who helped me make this resource for MapTool.

Feedback:  A huge thanks to everyone on the rptools.net forum for this.  Some of you took the time to really sit down and watch the tutorials with a critical eye and then gave thoughtful, critical feedback.  When I first started I had no experience and the quality was, well…  Let’s just say a bit rough.  All the critiques and ideas have really helped.

Artwork:  All the artists who have donated their work to whoever needs it, have really made the MapTool maps come alive.  The thousands and thousands of images that can be accessed through the links on the Image Library page have been essential.  Without them, for most of us, our maps would just be colored lines on a blank background.

Translations:  With future tutorials including Closed Captioning, it is now possible to easily make the tutorials accessible to non-English speaking MapTool users.  Here are the folks that have helped with the translation so far.

Spanish:  “patoace”

Italian: “Gringoire”

French: “simonutp” and “Natha”

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