Image Library

This page contains resources that should allow you to build your image library quickly. Some of the links will download zip files of images, other links will take you to websites that have there own files for you to download. While at the bottom I do include links to galleries of images, the rest of the links are to resources that will allow you to download many images that have already been organized in someway.

The Two Big Starters

The CSUAC (http://halegaming  It is a collection thousands and thousands of images that have already been categorized for easy access.

This is a link to a bit torrent file that was put together by a MapTool user. The collection contains thousands and thousands of images. Mapping Objects The images have been mostly catagorized.

Either of the two above collections will provide an excellent base image library. From there you can add in this and that from the below galleries and forums.

Below are links to galleries or forums with a huge number of useful images. Gallery (http://gallery NULL.rptools NULL.php) has thousands of images, textures, tokens, and maps that have been contributed by MapTool users.

RPGMapshare (http://www NULL.rpgmapshare has many high quality images and maps available for many settings. I should note that RPGMapshare is one of the few sites that has many quality images for modern maps, as well as other settings.

Dundjinni Forums (http://www NULL.dundjinni NULL.asp) has an incredible selection of images and maps created by the Dundjinni software. Just do a search of the forums for whatever you are looking for and odds are several examples will pop up.

387+ Maps (http://www NULL.dungeonmastering is a collection of links to over 387 D&D maps.  They are from various time periods and styles, so some are old school basic and others are more detailed.

WOTC has supplied the artwork from their monster books and minis to the public for non-commercial use. Below are the images broken down into the book or collection they came from. Thanks to lmarkus001 for supplying those to me. For those of you running fantasy games, just drop these images into TokenTool (http://rptools NULL.php?id=tokentool:intro)to create a token of any monster you might want in seconds.

MM (http://rptoolstutorials | MM3.5 (http://rptoolstutorials NULL.5 | MM II (http://rptoolstutorials | MM III (http://rptoolstutorials | MM IV (http://rptoolstutorials | MM V (http://rptoolstutorials | MM Faerun (http://rptoolstutorials

Please leave a comment and/or link to any other useful places to download images for MapTool.


  1. My first serious, non-tutorial map (http://www NULL.cartographersguild NULL.html#post243644) says:

    […] […]

  2. Jens says:

    Hi, I found the CSUAC and the monthly archives at this site: (http://www NULL.musicalquests

    Hope this helps.



  3. Belushi says:

    Please note that the site “the CSUAC” ( is down since May 2013 :(

    • PathosFear says:

      Anyone know where to get the resource? I need it, see.

      • Oyster Girl says:

        The CSUAC Dundjinni archive has moved to here. (http://www NULL.musicalquests NULL.php?g2_itemId=635) He’s also working on a browsable mirror (http://www NULL.musicalquests NULL.php?g2_itemId=4495) of Sendorian’s monthly Dundjinni archives.

  4. saira says:

    can any 1 plz give me link of imageobject class library in c++??????????????

  5. Hypnotist says:

    The “Mapping Objects” torrent is dead (no seeders). Is there an alternate mirror?

    • KainFromNod says:

      I just started to download it now, it is downloading with over 200 kb/s – the file has more then 2 gb, let’s see if it continues untill the end.

    • Eric (http://www NULL.homerwebdesigns says:

      I’m currently downloading the file at 2MB/s. There seem to be plenty of seeders. I’m not sure why you’re not getting connected to any.

      • Hypnotist says:

        Hmm… Guess I’ll have to let it run & see if it picks up some seeds.

        • the_frickerman says:

          I´m having the same problem of no seeders. Did you manage to download it in the end? I´ll wait more and see if i get connected to people.

        • the_frickerman says:

          So I found another torrent for this file with seeds which I´m now downloading. the hash is 5CFBA98605E71BF3928C41BD1A968850F2FFC174 for whoever wants to download it. I´ll seed as much as I can when finished.


          • MystRunner says:

            So I’ve recently dipped my toes into MapTool primarily for Pathfinder and I’m trying to download this same torrent and even the other one under that other hash tag and both are coming up with no seeds. Any other way to get this pack or am I just out of luck

          • KMM says:

            Did anyone get this file? I’m trying now and after slow initial success I’m stopped at 23% download.

  6. Sean TheNewGuy says:

    Hey I Love this program, but I’ve only logged about 30 hours making my maps.

    2 Questions for any pros out there.

    1) I cannot find a link to the “DiceBox” application just wounding if anyone has the files to share.

    2) For some reason my “Tokens” are not really bound to the walls and flooring laid out. Like if a Player wanted to walk through a wall EVEN if its vision blocked they can. I’ve trying moving walls into object layer but that is not doing the trick! Some Help would make me So thankful!

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