MapTool Overview

MapTool. A virtual tabletop that allows you to connect and play over the internet or automate your battlemap in a face to face game. Drawing maps, importing images, maps with light and vision, dice rolling, and automation are just a few of the features in this extremely easy to use virtual tabletop.

Introduction to MapTool:  An introduction to what MapTool is and what it can add to your game experience, whether you are gaming face to face or over the internet.

Player Quickstart:  Do you plan on only being a player when using MapTool? Well then this tutorial was made for you! As a player you don’t really need to know much to use MapTool and this ONE tutorial will cover what you need to know.


  1. TheShadow says:

    I’m trying to GM for my group and as i was setting up my dungeon I noticed that my tokens could go anywhere, even where they are not suppose to. Is there a way to add walls so the players can not go through them?

  2. Tobex says:

    A heartfelt thank you to all of the contributing community developers from me and my (now) very distant gaming group. We’ve been using MapTool and Skype to get our social/game on since we found your excellent tools a year or so ago. You all rock. Hit me up for beer when you’re in Helsinki!

  3. William Downton says:

    Wow! where was this program ten years ago! I could have still been running games for my friends and would have still remained in closer contact!
    Anyways now that i have it I am getting the old gamers back together for some new fun and adventures!
    Right ON!

  4. Kendall-DM says:

    Is there a way to set the memory after starting MapTool but having checked the “don’t show this again” box? I can’t seem to find it in the menus…

    • brad says:

      Yeah, that’s annoying isn’t it. You have to go and delete the configuration file. So, you download the and unzip the MapTool folder. The first time you run MapTool a file called mt.cfg is created in that folder. It is some sort of configuration file. Though it doesn’t seem to hold preferences. In any case if you delete that file and then start up MapTool it will have forgotten what you want your memory settings to be and ask the question again.

  5. Dean says:

    I moved from my family and friends 6 years ago and have missed the regular weekly RP sessions.
    Recently one of my distant friends complained he really missed it too.

    All I wanted to say is I haven’t used Map Tools yet, just downloaded it and watched the videos, but please thank everyone involved from me as this will allow me to reconnect and get my game on.

  6. Julian Oliver (http://www NULL.sectorgaming says:

    I would like to thank you for your time in going over how to use Map Tools, it is one of the best tutorial videos I have seen especially concerning something like Map tools.

  7. Technology Ways to play D&D online? - EN World: Your Daily RPG Magazine (http://www NULL.enworld NULL.html#post5652819) says:

    [...] on using MapTool, you can look at the MapTool Education Central section of my blog. There are also great videos out there about learning to make maps and such in MapTool. There are some pre-built frameworks for [...]

  8. Zach says:

    This software is FANTASTIC! I have looked forever for a platform to handle virtual battle maps, and MapTool does that and more. Thanks so much!

    • brad says:

      You are welcome, though I only make the video tutorials. The people that need the real thanking are the developers over at the forums!

  9. Savarast says:

    I’m an old-school table-top gamer, but recently moved away from my group. Your tutorials helped immensely with organizing and setting up Maptool so we can now do session many km’s away. Good work~

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