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This is a place where MapTool users can share campaign files with other MapTool users.  The campaign files are categorized by genre.  Details on how to submit campaign files for this page are on the Contact/Submit page.  emperor799 has started a similar site here (http://www NULL.4shared NULL.html).


Linnea Docks:  A great dock scene.  Contains some waterfront buildings and then a bunch of docks, boats/ships, and other whatnots.  Creator: Black Circle Wizards Guild


A Few Places: 3 modern era maps.  1)A basement level bar down an alley.  Just the bar is detailed.  The surrounding area is left vague.  2)An eccentric sorcerer’s house.  Just the first floor is detailed.  There are stairs to a second floor and basement.  In my campaign the second floor was small and basement was self  dug tunnels.  3)  A somewhat wealthy, young lady’s house.  The property and both floors are detailed.  The second floor is to the north of the property line.  Creator: brad

Vamp Nest: 1 modern map.  An abandoned factory and surrounding neighborhood.  The roof needs to be moved to see the inside.  The large area is a two story area that used to be the work floor.  The metal grid in the middle is on the second level.  You will notice the stair going to it.  Vision blocking is drawn around it, so the players can’t see what/who is up there.  Creator: brad

Please do not convert a published adventure to MapTool and submit it for this page.  That is someone else’s property and should not be distributed here.  Thank you!


  1. Aaron says:

    I too (newbie) am unable to load the linnea Docks v08 campaign. Using Maptool 1.3.b77.

    There isn’t a .cmpgn file, so how do you load/import this campaign?

    • brad says:

      I click on the link and I download the file named “Linnea Docks v08.cmpgn”. I then open up MapTool b77. I go to File=>Open Campaign, picked “Linnea Docks v08.cmpgn”, and it opens right up.

      What in that chain is different for you. You didn’t give any explanation or description with you problem which makes is near impossible to troubleshoot.

      • Worthign says:

        I have the same issue. When I click on it it’s a zip file. When I extract it I don’t see a .cmpgn file anywhere in the extracted folder or subfolders. So, when I go through the chain you describe above, there isn’t ever a .cmpgn file to select.

        • brad says:

          Thank you for including more details Worthign. You must be using an older version of Internet Explorer(a broken program). IE8 seems to have fixed the issue(just tested it), but I remember others mentioning in the past that when they downloaded campaign files(.cmpgn) using IE, that IE would rename the extension .zip. Just change it back to .cmpgn and you will be fine. That is unless you have already extracted it. Then download it again. Though if you just switch browsers you wouldn’t have issues like this to start with :) . Sorry, but talk to an web developer about all the quirks that ie has always had. When it comes to keeping with web standards it has always sucked.

    • Aaron says:

      Found the answer, rename the .zip file to a .cmpgn, opens just fine.

  2. Jeff Hale says:

    can’t seem to get the linea docks on my maptool… do i need the newer version?

    • brad says:

      I don’t know what version and build you are using. I opened it with v1.3b63. So, any build from 63 and on should work. I don’t know what build it was made in.

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