Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.

If you want to submit a campaign file to be included in the Campaign File Repository, please do the following.

  1. Click on the email link below.
  2. In the subject line include what genre it should be included in and who is getting credit as creator.
  3. In body of the email put a brief description of what is in the campaign file.  How many maps and any tidbits you wish to share.
  4. Attach your campaign file.  To make campaign files more easily flexible I would suggest deleting any PC/NPC tokens from the map, but that is not needed.  Though please note which framework you are using, if it is not just a collection of maps, but rather a ready to go scenario.
  5. The campaign file should have been saved in MapTool b50 or later.  I have had problems opening campaign files from earlier builds, but not from b50 or later.
  6. If your campaign file is too large to email, send the email without the file attached.  Just include the file name.  I will email you back with the needed info to ftp it to me. (submit null@null rptoolstutorials

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