Campaign File Repository Added!

I have added a new feature to the website.  You guessed it, the campaign file repository.  If you go to the Contact/Submit page you will see instructions on how to send me any campaign files you want to share with other MapTool users.  I will sort them by genre and post them.  I ask that a brief description be included with the file, so people know if they might be interested in downloading the file.   I figure why should everyone be reinventing the wheel?  And sure there are a bunch of taverns out there that have been made in Photoshop or Dundjinni, but those don’t have moving doors, chairs that can be thrown, or vision blocking already drawn in.  I hope, as this collection grows, that it will save GMs a lot of time.  And you can also see what other people do to make their maps in MapTool.

New Website Design

I have redesigned the tutorial website.  Here on the front page I will make announcements when I have updated a tutorial or added something new.  You will now also be able to leave comments about the tutorials on the tutorial pages.  I should be back to creating tutorials sometime in June.  Thanks for your patience.